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3D Printing Event Next Week

Don't forget to attend the 3D Printing Event in Eindhoven, Netherlands next week if you happen to be nearby. The event now includes over 30 speakers, including representatives from a wide variety of 3D print-related companies, including: Ultimaker, GrabCAD, Shapeways, Makielab, Protospace, DUS Architects, University Medical Center Utrecht, Loughborough Design School, Stone Spray, Faberdashery and many others. A small set of exhibitors will show of their products during the event. 
A design competition should also prove interesting, as the challenge invites designers to "Design the first consumer product you would like to 3D print and use." Winning criteria includes "Degree of innovation, Functionality and Usefulness, 3D printablity, Aesthetic quality, Ergonomics, Marketability, Feasibility, Quality and clarity of presentation materials." Prizes include a Creatr 3D Printer (1st), a David 3D Laserscanner (2nd) and a Shapeways 3D print of the model.
This one-day event costs €95 (USD$122) to attend and takes place on October 23 at Seats2Meet at Strijp S, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

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