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High Detailed Stainless Steel Prints at i.Materialise

3D print service i.Materialise now offers "high detailed stainless steel" materials for prints. As you can see in the sample print above, there is indeed a lot of detail visible.
i.Materialise says that the new material is "between silver and titanium". In other words, it's shiny but still strong. 
The detail is such that one can attempt 3D printing very small yet detailed models such as this coin-sized figurine. 
There are restrictions, of course, as exist with every material. For this material, i.Materialise restricts the build size to a rather small 40x40x35mm (1.6 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches) with a minimum wall thickness of 1mm. 
How much does the new material cost? A 1cm cube will cost €18.2 (USD$24). 
We can't wait to see the fantastic chess sets that will no doubt appear shortly. 

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