Millions To Form 1

We’ve all heard about the success of Formlab’s incredible fundraising success on the launch of their new Form 1 resin-based 3D printer, but how well did they do? 
Their Kickstarter campaign has officially closed today and the results are beyond startling: 

  • They’ve raised exactly USD$2,945,885
  • They’ve received orders for 1,028 Form 1 machines by our count
    Sales are not limited to the US and appear to be worldwide. 
    To put this astonishing launch in perspective, consider that it took MakerBot several years before they were able to attract a USD$10M investment. Meanwhile, Formlabs has raised almost 30% of that amount in only thirty days! This instantly makes them a major player in the personal 3D printer market. 
    Now the ball falls to Formlabs’ court. They now have to actually construct all ordered machines and deliver them to the satisfaction of their customers. The machines must work well and good service must be provided, lest there be a backlash. 
    We’re hoping for a big success, since the future of resin-based personal 3D printers is kinda on the line here. There have been several previous attempts at launching such machines that have not gone so well. So far, Formlabs seems to be heading in the right direction. 
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