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There's Only One One Just One

Some say that 3D printing is not useful for manufacturing due to the per unit cost of printing versus traditional mass manufacturing. That's true, and so 3D printing is often used for prototypes and low-quantity production. Or even one-off personalized items. 
But now a venture attempts to push that concept to the limit. One Just One proposes to produce jewelry using 3D printing techniques, but with a twist: 
  • Unique - Every Design is unique
  • Product of One - each design is made only once
  • Your unique taste - expressed through selection
They will only make something once. They say, "there is no cost advantage in repetition"
They make "jewelry of the future" using a set of selected designers and techniques they've learned from years of experience using 3D printers. 
They're launching through Kickstarter, as many startups do these days, where you can book a unique item from one of their several collections. We think this is a interesting experiment to validate the concept of manufacturing for one. 

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