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Up! Sharpens Its Output

3D printer manufacturer PP3DP improved the resolution on both its Up! Plus and Up! Mini personal 3D printers. 
The Up! Plus previously was capable of printing as fine as 200 microns (0.20mm), but with this upgrade it will be improved to 150 microns (0.15mm). Similarly, the Up! Mini 3D printer will be improved from 250 microns to 200 microns (0.20mm).
The upgrade turns out to have two components: a software upgrade to version 1.17 and a ROM update. It's not clear from the announcement whether the ROM update is a physical update or a firmware download, which would obviously be much more convenient. 
This announcement seems to follow what now appears as a trend: increasing resolution of filament-based 3D printers. While personal 3D printers of a few years ago had typical layer sizes of around 40-50 microns, and in the past year 20-30 microns, there are more machines able to pass the sub-20 micron barrier. 
What resolution will we see in two years? Ten microns? Five?

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