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Shapeways to Open NY Factory

Popular consumer-focused 3D print service is expanding! In New York, specifically Long Island, they're spending USD$28M to set up a 25,000sf, 50-person facility that Shapeways calls, "The Factory of The Future". 
The facility is expected to hold some 30-50 advanced 3D printers as well as providing a physical space for maker community innovation. The facility will speed up Shapeways production and provide a lot more capacity for growth. But what specifically will be printed there? According to their blog: 
It will house state of the art 3D Printers just hitting the market. Our focus will be on Selective Laser Sintering (used for Strong & Flexible nylon) and UV Acrylic Resin Printing (for Frosted Ultra Detail). But plans for 2013 include the addition of Full Color Sandstone and who knows what else.
If you've ever visited a 3D printing service facility like Shapeways, you'll see an amazing concept. There are rows and rows of machines, humming away while they build .. . things. Any things. These are the factories that can produce anything. They are truly, Factories of the Future. 

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