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The 2013 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

Each year Stratasys sponsors an excellent competition between students to determine the most interesting and useful 3D printable designs. This year they're launching the 2013 edition of the Extreme Redesign Challenge. 
The rules are very similar to previous years: submitted designs compete for scholarships and an opportunity to print out their design. Nine winners in a total of four categories (Middle School and High School Engineering, College Engineering, and Art & Architecture) will receive either USD$2,500 or USD$1,000 in scholarships. 
Stratasys seeks "creativity, usefulness, part integrity and aesthetics" in designs that: 
  • Be a sound mechanical design.
  • Be realistic and achievable.
  • Include a clear written description of the design.
If you're a student with a design-mind, you'd best check this out. 

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