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Design Of The Week: Sunken Coffee Mug

This delightful and shocking design by German Thingiverse user FMMT666 has been selected as this week's Design of the Week. 
What is it? Simply a coffee mug, but with a surprising difference: the lower portion is sliced off, making it appear to be embedded in the table. You'd visually expect it to either be embedded in the table or have no bottom, causing the coffee to spill out. But that's not the case: the Sunken Coffee Mug actually has a slanted bottom and can be used during your morning break. 
We do issue a caution however: items printed in ABS or PLA on extrusion-based 3D printers are not necessarily food safe. While the plastic itself is relatively digestively inert, the grooves developed during printing are difficult to keep clean and fluids may seep inside the structure through layer cracks. 
Nevertheless, we'll be putting one of these on our table. 

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