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Found in the 3D Printing Mailbox

As a popular and rapidly growing 3D printing blog, Fabbaloo receives a lot of email. We receive a great many tips, suggestions, questions, press releases and offers for guest posts. We also receive the usual gamut of "SEO expert advice", "mutual links" and similarly suspicious business offers. 
Lately we're seeing a new class of random emails: they're 3D printing related. Among the emails we've recently received: 
  • I want to sell my xxx model 3D printer. "The 3D Printer is very sparingly used & is in Mint Condition."
  • A "manager of one of the reputable company in Nigeria" wishes us to provide them with "all the types of the 3D printer you have"
  • Could you please call me xxx-xxx-xxxx I have a customer interested in the xxx printer. ASAP!
  • I have a business proposition that may excites you.
  • <Something written in a language we don't understand>
  • I'd like to know the similarities and differences between <long list of products>
  • What kind of plastic does XXX use?
And so on. 
For some reason many people believe we know the answers to these (sometimes unusual) questions. Perhaps we do, but the truth is, we're a blog and don't have the time to respond to all of them.
We write posts and you read them. 
And we thank you for that. 

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