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The 2BEIGH3 3D Printer Prints Nylon

The 2BEIGH3 is a 3D printer - but it's also a CNC machine. This unique (and experimental) design permits both functions within the same device by undergoing a 1 hour conversion process. For those wanting both kinds of machine, this could be your answer. 
Normally we'd provide the specs for a 3D printer, but this device is actually two different machines! For the 3D printer side, it has a very healthy build volume of 35.5 x 35.5 x 35.5cm, but the most interesting feature is that the extruder is capable of 3D printing Nylon or PET! 
What makes Nylon interesting is that it's a flexible material that enables new designs to come to life. Imagine objects with flexible hinges, squishable sides or snap-tight notches. Note that Nylon is an unusual material for 3D printing and there are special instructions for dealing with Nylon, which should NOT be put into other common personal 3D printers. Be warned - you may damage your machine. 
The 2BEIGH3 (pronounced "two by three", by the way) is designed to be hacked. It uses straightforward parts that can be replaced or upgraded as necessary, as you'll see in the very detailed Instructable describing the device. CAD file0 are included to make all the necessary parts.  

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