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Cubify Now Macify'd

3D Systems has abruptly introduced a new version of their Cube 3D printer management software (Cubify) specifically for OSX. This is a major step by 3D Systems, who up to now have not offered OS/X-based software for, um, well, anything as far as we can tell. 
The software performs well, offering an extremely simple interface for non-technical 3D printer owners. Large buttons and simplified controls are the menu for this software. The tool imports STL, automatically repairs it into printable state and provides simple orientation/scaling. Of course it also slices your model for printing - and it does this very rapidly compared to anything using Skeinforge under the covers. 
We think this is a huge move by 3D Systems, as their move towards the consumer market would be significantly blunted if they hadn't offered software for OS/X. 
We're now wondering when they'll offer an OS/X version of their inexpensive Cubify Invent 3D modeling software. 

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