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Digital Reality Announces Pro-Quote

Digital Factory announced a new plug-in service, Pro-Quote that can handle the preparation of cost estimates for 3D printing. Who can use this service? If you have a commercial 3D printer available and a website you can place Pro-Quote on your site and immediately accept 3D print requests. 
The Pro-Quote software presents a web interface where customers can upload a ZIP or RAR file containing a 3D model. In addition to showing a 3D view of the model, Pro-Quote checks and repairs the model to ensure printability and then prepares an instant quote based on the print parameters. Pro-Quote also provides pre-printed shipping labels for you to slap on completed prints. 
For those owning expensive 3D printers that are sometimes idle, this could be a very quick way to generate some income for your machine. If you are a small 3D print shop it could be a way to vastly simplify your current "email the STL and we'll figure it out" method. 

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