Design of the Week: Anatomica di Revolutis

Design of the Week: Anatomica di RevolutisThis week’s design is Anatomica di Revolutis by Chicago’s Joshua Harker. You may recall Harker as the artist who showed the world how to get it done on Kickstarter: his work, Crania Anatomica Filigre, scored a very healthy USD$77,271 when it closed over a year ago. That 3D print was one of the most popular sculptures ever presented on Kickstarter. But now he’s back with another amazing design: Anatomica di Revolutis
This animated work is made from multiple 3D printed components. This wings alone are made from 75 different pieces. How is it animated? If you pull on the bottom, the wings spread open in a dramatic fashion. Check the video to see how it works. 
Anatomica di Revolutis is an example of what can be achieved when artists employ 3D printing tech. Harker, a firm believer in this approach says:
The technologies and resources of 3D printing … have liberated me as an artist allowing to not only create things that were once unmakeable, but to reach an audience that matters. This empowerment has been spreading like wildfire; it’s touching all walks of life across the globe. 
You can order your own print of Anatomica di Revolutis by contributing to Harker’s Kickstarter project before December 25th. The complete sculpture can be obtained for USD$550, with other donations and combinations also available. 
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