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Another Extreme Personalization Experiment

We've just been pointed at the JB Figurines Kickstarter project. This is an artistic experiment involving 3D printing and extreme personalization. 
The project intends to create a totally unique 3D "superhero" printed figurine for each backer. Each figurine customer will have a designer create a 3D model that will be printed only once on a 3D printer the project hopes to acquire should they receive sufficient backing. 
The cost of a figurine varies somewhat; For USD$70 you'll receive a unique but unfinished (including unpainted) figurine. For USD$250 you can "guide" the development of your finished superhero by interacting with the designer as you can see in the form above. You may even be able to provide an image of yourself to be made into the superhero! 
Additional pledge levels offer the ability to add superhero accessories, include articulated joints or receive priority in the production line. 
We're wondering, as the project creators are, whether this approach to extreme personalization can be successful. But that's what experiments are for, aren't they? 

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