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007's 3D Printed Cars

Not one, but three 3D printed cars were created for secret agent 007 James Bond for his recent film, Skyfall. No, they weren't full size, but instead were one third of original size. 
The three Aston Martin DB5's were used for used rather destructively in the film to avoid the expense (and tragedy) of blowing up a real DB5. According to CNET, one of the surviving models was sold at auction for near USD$100,000. 
The models were produced on a VoxelJet 3D printer, well known for one specific advantage: Hugeness! We're not sure which VoxelJet was used by 007's team, but the VoxelJet 4000 has a build volume of 4x2x1 meters! 
We're wondering why the Skyfall producers opted for a physical prop instead of using computer graphics, since blowing up a model would require careful design of the interior portions to ensure an accurate and realistic "blow up". Nevertheless, these models are quite a feat of 3D printing. 

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