Another Cubify App: Pics

Another Cubify App: Pics
3D Systems’ Cubify division certainly likes you to do the designing. They’ve been pumping out “generator apps” for various 3D models for several months and now they’ve added on for pictures. 
The “Pics” app is rather simple compared to their other customizable models. You need only select a “frame” shape, upload your picture and you’re almost ready to go. There are a couple of minor tweaks offered, such as inverting the picture or strengthening the depth, but otherwise that’s about it. 
Don’t be alarmed by the lack of controls. The magic of this app is of course the picture you upload. It’s yours. 
One tip: best to use images including strongly defined areas. As you can see in the model above, our landscape scene includes way too much detail for successful 3D printing.  
Via Cubify
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