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Sculpteo's Secret iPhone Case-Printing Service

We've been investigating Sculpteo's new iPhone case service. You've seen these things before: select a cool iPhone case from a series of astounding designs and receive it in the mail, freshly 3D printed. 
But there's quite a difference with Sculpteo's new service. Yes, you select and receive a cool case. But it has an image printed on it. In color. 
This process is available for two models from their gallery and you may select a textured image from a reasonably large library - or upload your own image! That's what we did here. And that's what they will 3D print for you. 
Wait, how do they do that? Is it stamped on after printing? We asked Mathilde Berchon of Sculpteo to comment:
The photo is directly 3D printed, at the same time (as) the case itself. It's not done afterwards, no stick-on or anything. Users get an iPhone case with their exact chosen photo and design 3D printed layer by layer. We could say that the photo itself becomes an iPhone case!
But how? Berchon would not say. It's a secret, and a colorful one.

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