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Solidoodle Turns 3

Solidoodle has announced a ten 3 version of their personal 3D printer. This very "solid" 3D printer was designed by aerospace engineers to ensure a very robust product. How robust is it? Check this: 
The all-steel frame is so strong, in fact, that a 200lb man can literally stand on top of the machine while it's printing.
The build volume has been increased to a rather large 203 x 203 x 203mm (8 x 8 x 8"). We were a bit concerned when they recommend printing ABS plastic, since ABS is well known to warp, particularly on large prints that would inevitably appear in such a large build volume. But then we noticed that the Solidoodle 3 includes a heated aluminum plate build platform, which, according to Solidoodle, "allows you to build large prints up to 8" x 8 " x 8" without bottom warping".
The Solidoodle 3 is not quite available, but they are accepting pre-orders for this device. If you're considering ordering one, be sure to order some 1.75mm plastic filament at the same time, as Solidoodle includes only a small amount of plastic with the printer. 

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