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3D Systems Announces Quarterly Results

As one of the two mega-3D publicly-held printing companies in existence today, 3D Systems is obligated to formally report on their finances periodically. We like view them as a kind of bellwether on the state of the 3D printing industry. So how did they do this quarter?
Apparently very well. Their revenue increased a massive 57%, or USD$90M in actual dollars from the corresponding quarter last year. Profit grew at a similar rate, 69%, yielding USD$18.2M income. 
Where did this increase come from? Evidently 3D Systems says the growth was "across all revenue categories", but particularly their sales of 3D printers increased substantially: 123% (and remember, this count does not include the low-priced consumer oriented Cube, which would hugely skew the numbers.)
Overall, it seems that things are proceeding very well at 3D Systems, and by extension the entire 3D printing market. 

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