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3D Systems Donates to Singularity U

Singularity University is a specialized institution dedicated to leveraging "the power of exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges", and created by forward-looking entrepreneurs Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil. The grand challenges include research in very diverse areas, including energy, security, poverty and space exploration. The institution attracts top level students to work on these difficult problems. 
Today we see that 3D Systems has offered to support SU by donating a fabulous set of 3D printing gear, including: 
  • TWO (!) Full color Zprinter 650's
  • A Projet HD3500Plus
  • Two Cubes
As we've said before, the secret of 3D printing isn't so much the printer as it is the design that gets printed. And we suspect there will be some awesome designs produced at SU. 

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