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Weta's 3D Printed Hobbit Stuff

We've just reviewed a report on film studio Weta's use of 3D printing technology. Weta is the studio responsible for the upcoming movie, "The Hobbit", as well as the massively successful Lord of the Rings series. 
What are they printing? According to the report, they're making various custom props for The Hobbit, including "helmets, sword hilts and axes". Why do this? The rapid prototyping tech saves the studio an enormous amount of time and money. 
We were curious which 3D printers were in use at the studio. The video doesn't reveal much, but it does appear Weta is in the business of creating custom 3D printers, including a truly massive 3DP based on a robot arm, which, according to Weta's Sir Richard Taylor, can "print a car"
Pietro Marson of Weta Workshop Animatronics says, "the sky's the limit!"
Via YouTube (Hat tip to Gary)

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