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The EchoRap 3D Printer

The EchoRap Rev1 is another variation on the standard RepRap design with the unique feature of using tubes instead of threaded rods. The design permits a very large build volume by simply using longer tubes. 
Designed by Robotic Sequencing of Montreal’s ÉchoFab, the EchoRap is a very inexpensive way to get started in 3D printing. 
The EchoRap's standard build volume is a generous 220mm x 220mm x 200mm (7.9in x 7.9in x 7.87in), with the possibility of expansion. All the basic RepRap features appear to be supported. 
The EchoRap is not available in assembled form, but there is an intention to eventually provide complete kits for you to build. In the interim you can download 3D files of all required parts from Thingiverse and print them out on any accessible 3D printer. 

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