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Would You 3D Print Your Foetus?

We all know what happens to 3D data: a 3D print emerges soon afterwards. Now a Japanese company has taken 3D information from a medical scanner to enable the production of 3D prints of an unborn foetus. 
The process involves a 3D scan of the pregnant customer to capture the required 3D information, including not only the foetus itself but also the pregnant mother's shape. After some 3D model tuneup, a print of the personalized torso is produced. The torso is printed in clear material (likely on an Objet multi-material device) while the foetus is printed in white and can be seen through the mother's shape. 
The USD$1,200 result is like a kind of 3D X-Ray of the pregnancy. Watch the video to see more examples and an explanation of the process. 
Fascinating, certainly. Ethical? Perhaps. We think this is one of those "make your own choice" situations. Would you use this service? 
Via YouTube (Hat tip to Phall)


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