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The Highly Defined 3D Systems ProJet 3500 HDmax

We took a very close look at 3D Systems' new professional 3D printer, the ProJet 3500 HDmax. This new 3D printer is quite an update over its predecessors, beyond the rather nice exterior rework. It definitely does not look like any other ProJet. 
What else has changed? The internal change mainly is the processing capability, which has been increased. This means that the device can handle more increased resolution without a loss of production time. 
The other major difference is a new material: VisiJet X. It's an  ABS-like material that not only produce high definition parts, but also is unnaturally strong. We tested a couple of sample objects in this material and found them to be much stronger than  parts made with previous ProJet materials. 
But there's one more incredibly cool feature: an iPad app! Using this app you can directly control the device. The app shows an analogue of the actual machine's control panel. You can start, stop, reorder or cancel jobs. You can see printer status and take actions. For those running a production shop, this could be the difference that keeps you from driving to work for emergency changes. 

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