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3D Bioprinting Software?

According to a press release from bioprinting startup Organovo, they've partnered with CAD software giant Autodesk to produce tools specifically designed for creating bioprints. 
Why this makes sense to us: 
  • Autodesk is one of, if not the, leader in 3D design software across the industry. If anyone was to tackle this problem, it would be Autodesk, who have the skills and size to experiment with an entirely new 3D modeling problem.
  • Organovo desperately needs this. As all 3D printer owners quickly realize, the problem is not the printer, it's what you print on it. Where do the 3D models come from? There is no Thingiverse for bioprints. This software, if successful, could enable the creation of many new bio-models that could increase Organovo's market.
There's one thing we're wondering about. In typical 3D printer control systems, there's usually a "BUILD" button to initiate the layer construction process. But when you're printing Living Tissue, should it really say "BUILD"? Or something else?  

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