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A Donation and Your House in a Snowglobe

It's true: if you donate to the Home For Christmas online fundraiser, you could qualify for a rather amazing prize: your own home, 3D printed and placed within snow globe. 
According to Home For Christmas:
Every year around 75,000 young people in the UK risk spending the festive period on the streets. But it doesn't need to be this way. To help, donate as much as you can to help Barnardo's in their fight against homelessness. In return, we'll select an entrant's home address each day, remodel it, before using 3D printing to make a beautiful bespoke snow globe of their house or flat. A small reminder of the joy of being at home at Christmas.
There's more information at the links below, including a short video on the project in Creative Review's post. 
Amazing - but you'd best donate as soon as you can, as this program ends at midnight (UK time) on December 21st. 

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