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Design of the Week: Fractal.MGX Table

This week's selection was encountered during our visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, specifically in the Modern Art section. The Fractal.MGX table is a stunning demonstration of the possibilities when one combines creativity, size, mathematics and of course, 3D printing. 
The Fractal.MGX table was designed in 2007 by three: Gernot Oberfell, Jan Wertel and Matthias Bar of Germany. In 2010 .MGX by Materialise donated the example shown above to The Met where it has been shown ever since alongside other ingenious and beautiful modern designs. According to The Met:
The designers of this limited-edition table are interested in new technologies and manufacturing processes employing stereolithography, a process that builds three-dimensional objects from CAD drawings. They employed this technology to produce the "Fractal" table, which combines organic forms with the logic and reality of product design. 
Three examples of the Fractal.MGX table are publicly shown aside from The Met; The Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Design Hub in Barcelona also display this interesting work. 
It appears that this item was produced as a limited edition, and thus getting your hands on your own copy could be tricky. Meanwhile, you can read more about the table and its designers at the link below. 
Via .MGX

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