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Top Posts of 2012

It's always fascinating to learn which posts were the most frequently read among the hundreds we posted during the past year. They're typically not necessarily the top stories, but nevertheless they provide some insight into readers' interests.
To abruptly retract our earlier statement, this most frequently read post was in fact one of the biggest stories of the year. Tiny MCOR has signed a ground-breaking deal with Staples to provide 3D print services "Easy 3D" at (eventually) all Staples Copy Centers worldwide. Big, yes. 
A guest post by Chris Waldo gathered a great number of views, demonstrating that people continue to be fascinated by the amazing objects that can move from imagination to reality with a 3D printer.
The now-controversial Form 1 3D printer made a massive splash on Kickstarter, becoming one of the top tech projects of all time. This and subsequent posts on the printer indicate that readers seek a high-resolution and speedy personal 3D printer. However, as readers may recall, Formlabs was sued by 3D Systems later in the year for alleged patent violations. We'll find out the next steps for Formlabs in 2013. 
If you can't buy one from Formlabs as a result of the lawsuit, perhaps you'd like to build your own high-res 3D printer by using the Pwdr open source design, which uses a powder-based process. It seems that resin and powder 3D printing processes may be seen much more frequently in the future. 

The Form 1 Forms Molds, Too

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