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Thirty Artists are CALMed with 3D Printing

The University of Exeter's Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) recently hosted a collaboration between 30 artists and its engineers to leverage 3D printing technology. 
The event was intended to introduce 3D printing technology to curious artists who expressed an interest in trying out the new approach. According to the University:  
The project will introduce artists to the technology, software and potential uses of additive layer manufacturing and help them develop skills in the relevant design software to create a 3D design. All participating artists will then get the chance to develop and produce a new piece of three dimensional work, assisted by University experts. Members of staff, students and the general public will be able to view the art created as a result of this collaboration at the University.
The "Neoreplicants" exhibition is underway at the Phoenix Gallery in Exeter until January 19th, where you can see the results of this collaboration. 

The Portabee 3D Printer

The CB-Printer