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Running Out of 3D Printing Companies to Invest In?

The big two stock-based 3D printing companies are of course, 3D Systems and Stratasys/Objet, now known as merely Stratasys. We've covered their massive stock price increases over the past few years and investors have been buying because of that rise. 
It seems that investors now want even more. An article on Seeking Alpha investigates another much smaller stock-based 3D printing company: Sweden-based Arcam. 
Arcam's electron beam technology (EBM) permits their machines to 3D print objects in various types of powdered metal. 
They are indeed much smaller. According to Seeking Alpha, their market capitalization (the aggregate value of all their shares) is only USD$46M, whereas 3D Systems and Stratasys are USD$2,690M and USD$1,680M respectively. Nevertheless, Arcam is viewed as a possible investment opportunity, and possibly as an acquisition target by one of the other manufacturers. 
We'd better start watching their stock price. 

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