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On The Road With 3D Printing

The Pocket Factory Project seems a little crazy at first, but then it starts to make more sense in this rapidly evolving 21st century. It's two creative guys stuffed into a Prius, driving around the United States seeking inspiration for creative 3D printing. 
Bilal Ghalib and Alex Hornstein are those guys and they're traveling the route pictured above. Their ride is "filled with cheap 3D printers" they're using to develop new products and hopefully get a viable business going. 
How well is the project proceeding? They're about half-way through their adventure, as documented on their website. The site not only provides a tour diary, but also links directly to their Etsy online store. There you'll find products like the "Automatic Silly String Shooter" or the "iGhettoBlaster", a strange Gramophone-like iAttachment. We can think of some interesting applications of the Silly String Shooter. Hm.
Nevertheless, the PocketFactory project is a wonderful mix of advanced tech, travel, adventure and a heavy dose of innovative online marketing. Good luck to PocketFactory! 

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