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The New Tinkercad

Tinkercad, the amazing web-based solid 3D modeling tool has recently improved its capabilities. This tool permits creation of basic 3D printable objects without an expensive software and more importantly without a lot of training. Tinkercad uses WebGL, so be sure to use a reasonably modern web browser. What did we notice about Tinkercad? 
  • Gorgeously smooth workplane movements. It's beautiful!
  • Included are all the basic geometric shapes, including geometric primitives, letters & numbers and even symbols
  • Intersections vastly simplified by employing "hole" concept
  • Send your 3D model directly to several 3D print services or you can directly download the STL for local 3D printing
As fascinating as Tinkercad may be, it does have some significant limits. Its features are quite basic and advanced features such as fillets, sweeps, etc. are absent. Workflow is also quite basic. 
Does this mean Tinkercad isn't useful? By no means. It's great for quick design of simple parts and jigs that you might need at home. 

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