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It's Valentine's Day At BotMill

Normally a day for lovers, Valentine's is apparently a day for shopping at BotMill, makers of some fine assembled personal 3D printers. 
BotMill is selling their assembled Glider personal 3D printer for USD$1320 and the DIY Axis Kit for only USD$990 - both are USD$75 off their normal price - and offered with free shipping too. 
It's next day shipping on their units, which is quite impressive as many similar options tend to have lead times to permit the machines to be built per order. This effect is particularly noticeable with the numerous "KickStarter" style of machine launch where nothing much is built until the batch order quantity is achieved. Oh, and did we mention the quick shipping is free?
While BotMill has dropped the price of their 3D printers for this sale, we noticed some decent prices on ABS and PLA plastic. Red and Black ABS are on for USD$85.74 for a five pound spool (that's merely USD$17.15 per pound!) and White, Green and Black PLA five pound spools are only $75.34 (equal to USD$15/pound!) But the best deal is on that really beautiful blue PLA, which is on for only USD$67.80 for a five pound spool (only USD$13.56 per pound!) As said before, we like blue. Especially today. 

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