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3D printing Down Under

Would you happen to be in the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia on February 20th? You may be able to attend the "3D Printing Forum: The Next Industrial Revolution?", which promises to be an interesting introduction to various 3D printing topics. According to the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), the event includes: 
Speakers from industry, education, research and the creative communities will present on a broad range of topics, from how they are using 3D printers in their work, through to the impact that these technologies are beginning to have on diverse fields including clothes and footwear design, architecture, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace, and the medical industries.
The event also includes live demonstrations of 3D printing as well as an opportunity to ask questions of the experts. 
The event takes place on February 20th and admission is free. But there's one catch: the event is completely sold out! However, you might try adding yourself to the wait list.  
Image Credit: Wikipedia

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