3D Model Printed – Literally

3D Model Printed – Literally3D models are printed on 3D printers every day, yes? This time engineers at Objet attempted to print an actual 3D model – an object that *looks* like a 3D model. And they succeeded. Just look at the image above (click for larger view) and you’ll see what we mean. This image is not computer generated! It’s a picture of a fruit bowl and a printed 3D object designed to look like the representation you’d see in a wireframe 3D model on screen. Except for one thing: it’s real! Amazing. 
Via Objet
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Ametek: Stealth Giant and 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Ryan Donley examine the “stealth giant” Ametek’s relation to 3D printing. In their June 22nd article entitled 4 Industrial Stocks to Bet on a Recovery, Barron’s described Ametek as a stealth giant with a market value of $20

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