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3D Printer in the Home of the Future

The UK's Channel 4's new show "Home of the Future" takes the idea of a futuristic home beyond just and idea; they're building it for real! 
The imaginative home includes numerous 21st century features, some you'd expect to see, like an internet-equipped refrigerator in the kitchen and others you might not expect like the thumbprint-operated door entry system. 
We were tickled by the appearance of a household 3D printer in the mix, and we weren't the only one. Show presenter Chris Sanderson said: 
The highlight, for me, was the moment the 3D printer arrived at the house. It was like the moment a TV came to a village for the very first time. It was hugely exciting to be able to design an object and see it being made in front of your eyes.
We've been thinking about the idea of commonplace 3D printers laying about homes across the land. But these guys are actually doing it - and doing it in a way that reflects how things might be in the future: Everyday people using replication tech in their homes.  

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