The Imagine 3D Food Printer

The Imagine 3D Food PrinterThere’s not a lot of information about this intriguing device, but New York-based Essential Dynamics has released their “Imagine 3D Printer”. Now we know you’ve seen a plethora of personal 3D printers explode onto the market in recent months, but this one is different. Very different. 
It doesn’t print plastic. 
The Imagine uses syringes instead of hot extruders melting plastic. 
What can you extrude? Their answer: “If it extrudes, it prints”. You can print any gooey substance and that means only one thing: Food! Yes, you should be able to print in Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Mashed Potatoes or possibly even Minced Turkey. Two syringes are included so theoretically you can print in two “foods”, permitting a wide variety of interesting food experiments. 
As far as we know, this could be the first dedicated personal 3D food printer available. You can pick one up fully assembled for USD$2,995. 
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