HP Launches a New 3D Printer. Not!

HP Launches a New 3D Printer. Not!We suddenly awoke to read the startling headline: “HP launches new 3D printer” and envisioned a grand update to HP’s long-term relationship with Stratasys. Perhaps a new low-cost 3D printer is now available? Maybe even a consumer version? 
Um, no. 
They launched the HP Topshot Laserjet Pro M275 in the UAE today. What makes this Laserjet 3D? It can apparently capture images of 3D objects and convert them into 2D images. Very useful if you don’t have a camera and studio and need to quickly create an image for your new handheld product. All yours for AED1,499 (USD$408). 
But it’s not a 3D printer. 
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Ametek: Stealth Giant and 3D Printing

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