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Tinkercad Now Sculpteos

Everyone's favourite web-based 3D modeling software now has another partner: 3D print service Sculpteo. Previously Tinkercad could automatically send your 3D design directly to Materialise, Ponoko or Shapeways, but now you have a fourth option: France-based Sculpteo. 
Actually there is a fifth option: download the 3D model to your own computer and print it on your personal 3D printer, if you have one. If you don't or need unusual materials, higher quality output or color, you'd best use one of the 3D print services. 
While this announcement is good for Sculpteo, we think it's even better for Tinkercad, who at this point have created a pretty decent 3D printing ecosystem around their web service. The choice of print services will attract more Tinkercad users who will create more designs that attract more users that attract more 3D print services, and so on.

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