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A 3D Printed Jaw

This was bound to happen: a person receives a transplant of a major body part made specifically for them by 3D printing technology. 
In this case the body part was the lower jaw of an 83 year old woman from Europe, which had become infected and required removal. 3D scanning techniques captured the precise dimensions of the jaw and a replacement was produced using 3D printed powdered titanium.  
According to DePers, the process took only a few hours, while alternative methods would have taken days. The new jaw is heavier than a real jaw, being made of titanium, but is said to be quite usable. 
We think this is only the tip of a new branch of 3D printing, where all types of body parts, particularly bones, will be 3D printed to matching individual shapes. 
The best part of this story? The patient was able to speak and swallow a day after the surgery. 
Via DePers (Dutch) (Hat tip to Joe)
Image Credit: Erix!

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