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GrabCAD Ceramic 3D Printing Contest

GrabCAD is pretty huge library of useful mechanical 3D models - evidently well over 25,000 models as of this writing. But that's not what we want to talk about. No, we want to talk about their new design contest that closes on Friday, March 16th. The theme for GrabCAD's contest s unusual and specific: Design home décor ceramic pieces
The contest is co-sponsored by Figulo, a manufacturer specializing in ceramic 3D printing. 
As you might expect, there are quite a few design rules to a) ensure the right types of objects are designed and b) ensure they are actually printable in ceramics. The link below has all the details. 
Winners are to be chosen by a group composed of representatives from both GrabCAD and Figulo, "based on aesthetics, quality of design, manufacturability, and sales potential". Yes, this means you'll be able to not only win cash prizes, but also participate in profit sharing on the sales of your design, too.   

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