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3D Systems' 2011 Financial Results

3D Printing industry leader 3D Systems recently announced their year-end financial results for 2011. We wondered how the incorporation of their many newly acquired companies affected their results. 
Overall it seems that the acquisitions have assisted 3D Systems in raising their results. Here's the highlights as we saw them: 
  • Full year revenue increased 44% over 2010
  • The number of printer units increased much more, some 190%. Why hasn't the revenue gone up similarly? We think because they are selling many more lower-cost personal 3D printer units
  • Total income of USD$35.4 million for 2011. This is massively larger than all of the personal 3D printer startups we've seen, indicating the difficulty of competing against 3D Systems
  • Some "drag" occurred during 4Q11 from corporate acquisition costs
  • Amazingly, some USD$3.6M was spent developing the initiative
Huge results that can only grow this year as their acquisition continue to be consolidated and the market expands. 

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