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SparkLab: BuildMobile

Of all the Kickstarter-style 3DP projects we've seen lately, the SparkLab concept may be the most valuable to society. No, you won't get a fancy sculpture but you will get the satisfaction of supporting the spread of 3D printing and DIY making knowledge. 
What is the SparkLab concept? It's quite simple. They proponents realized that many schools are unable to procure reasonable making equipment for a variety of reasons. Instead of trying to furnish schools with modern equipment, they intend on bringing the equipment to the schools in a delivery truck: a mobile build lab. 
What's in the truck? Here's their equipment list: 
  • laser cutter
  • 3D printer
  • vinyl cutter
  • materials
  • hand tools
  • and more
They must reach USD$25,000 by March 24th and they need your pledge to do so. Please consider donating to this highly worthwhile project in almost any amount. 

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