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3D Printing For Graphic Artists, a publication dedicated to the 3D arts recently posted "Fundamentals: 3D Printing of Digital Models". In this piece they take the reader through a basic explanation of 3D printing concepts and a walk through the lifecycle of a print: design, print and finishing of a trophy award (see image). 
No big surprises, but we thought it interesting that a publication dedicated to the visual 3D arts would introduce their readers to the notion of bringing their 3D models into reality through 3D printing. We think this is an immensely powerful idea, since the huge number of 3D designers across the world have little exposure to 3D printing. They don't yet (in general) realize that practically anything they design can be produced in real life, sometimes at the touch of a button. 
When the majority of 3D designers catch on, we'll see a rather dramatic upturn demand for 3D printers and 3D print services. 

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