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3D Printing Seeps Into The Arts

When you envision the opening of a new school for the Creative and Performing Arts, sponsored by filmmaker Sir Richard Taylor, head of WETA, you'd think you'd see typical film and acting facilities and equipment. Cameras, stages, studios and the like.  
The new Creative and Performing Arts Centre at Scots College in Strathmore, New Zealand includes that kind of thing, but there's something else at the Centre: a graphics and 3D printing facility, and even a robotics workshop. 
Why would such equipment be included in a Creative and Performing Arts Centre? We think it's simply because that equipment is now considered normal and required in the film industry. We've seen several films make use of 3D printing, be they for Iron Man costumes or for stop motion animation
Film in the 21st century. It's 3D. 

Optomec's LENS 3D Printers

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