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Scream A 3D Print, Literally

A truly amazing installation of what's called "Production Art" is now open for viewing - and screaming - at Rabobank HQ in Utrecht, Netherlands. Screaming, you ask? That's exactly what visitors must do when the visit Alicia Framis' "Screaming Room" exhibition. You scream, the waveform is recorded and translated instantly into a 3D model (a customized cup-like shape) and finally, through the use of a conveniently attached Ultimaker 3D printer, your shape is produced in real life right before your eyes. 
The best part: you get to take your piece home at no charge. 
We think the Screaming Room is a wonderful combination of art, 3D modeling, 3D printing, digital data capture and audience participation. As always, results are usually greater than the sum of the parts. If you're in Utrecht, the exhibition is open until September of this year. 
What other 3D printing collisions with art are possible? 
Via Ultimaker (Hat tip to Bart Bakker)

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