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MakerBot Software Update

MakerBot has released a new version of the ReplicatorG software that drives their personal 3D printers. ReplicatorG version 0034 now includes a few new features, including an optimization to speed up heating of both the heated build platform (image above) and the twin extruders (if using their new two-headed Replicator). 
Another interesting feature included in this release is the ability to more finely calibrate the Replicator's dual extruders. These must be positioned at a very precise distance from each other, otherwise the two colored prints will be consistently misaligned. 
One thing we quite like in this version is the use of the Replicator's built-in LCD screen, which now shows easy-to-read instructions for operators during the head calibration sequence. We suspect MakerBot will do a lot more of this in the future for other functions. 
MakerBot has released quite a few versions of ReplicatorG, each gradually improving the quality of the experience for their clients. They've had to do so for not only quality reasons but also to support new 3D printers and 3D printer components they've added over the years. We suspect they plan on having many more releases, if only because the version number includes FOUR digits!

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