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Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

Stratasys sponsors the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge each year and they've just announced the finalists in the three categories: Art & Architecture; Middle / High School Engineering; College Engineering. 
An inspection of the list shows a huge variety of entries from across the world. This challenge is not a US-only event by any means. We see entrants from Romania, South Korea, UK, Canada, Sweden, India and Germany as well. 
The contest began on September 8th last year and entries had to be received by February 2 of this year. Evaluation is underway but unfortunately Stratasys has not posted details of the entries other than the title of the work. Some sound straightforward, like the "Empire State Bird Feeder" or "Sand / Salt Spreader", while others appear mysterious like the "Booksphere" or merely incomprehensible, like the "Sungnyemun" or the "Accommo". 
Nevertheless, we're quite interested to see which projects are selected as winners. 

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