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A 3D Printed Heart

We were contacted by designer Mat Schwartz, who's been experimenting with jewelry printing. Recently he made something unique for Valentine's Day: a heart. He had been developing jewelry in the form of traditional rings but then was inspired by a Circulation Research report project he'd been working on: 
If you have been following the blog you may recall the Circulation Research cover that I did.  Part of that project required me making a 3D Model of a Heart.  After a few sculptures I made from online references, Priscila lent me a medical model of a heart so I could finally make something accurate.  Fast forward to valentines day 2012, I had the idea to convert this model into a pendant.  
We think this is both amazing and typical. Typical because as people get involved in 3D printing, they quickly realize their creativity has been unbottled and get exploring fantastic new designs. Amazing because, well, it is! 

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