Shapeways’ Peek Into Imagination: Finds Apple’s Siri

Popular 3D print service Shapeways often runs contests to stimulate creativity – and increase their print volume. This past week saw the conclusion of a rather interesting competition to answer the abstract question, “What Does Siri Look Like?” Siri, of course, is Apple’s voice-powered omnipotent assistant. 
There were multiple entries to the contest, each portraying the imageless Siri. The winner, pictured above, is a fascinating design that not only shows a friendly Siri emerging from the device to enter the “real world”, but also doubles as an actual iPhone case. Not one you’d put in your pocket, but certainly one that could prop up your 4S on the desk. 
We find this contest and its winners to be a little different than most contests in that the subject was completely abstract. The submitted designs were entirely drawn from the inner creative view of the entrants. It’s much like being able to peek into someone’s mind to see how they visualize a character in a novel.
3D printing can make your designs real, but it can also make your imagination real. 
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